SBCC Membership Application

Applicant must own a cruising sailboat to be eligible for membership. Skippers of chartered yachts are not eligible for membership. Applications are acted upon at regular meetings of the Board of Governors which are usually held on the last Monday of the month. The general membership information is for club member use and is not for commercial use or solicitation. +++ Please note +++ If you are not able to answer the "Eligible Boat" Question as YES your boat may not qualify as a cruising boat. Most boats either 24 feet or more generally do qualify. If your boat does not qualify then you may qualify as an Associate please use that application form. If you know a member that can sponsor you please enter their name at the bottom of the form. If you do not know a member one will contact you. Membership Yearly Dues are $160 a year. A new members is charged an Initiation fee of $70 + $160 total = $230.
Dues are $160 a year with Initiation fee of $70
If Spouse/Partner's last name Is different please enter it else it will be Member's last name
Please Note: All newsletters and club notifications are done by email.
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Which newsletter would like to receive, and who should receive them? - Both - Member only - Spouse/Partner Only
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If you wish to race you must have a sail number on your sails
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To be eligible for election to Regular Membership, every candidate must be the owner of a cruising sailboat that has a head, galley, lifelines and is self-righting (multi-hulls excluded), or a qualified racing sailboat as defined by SBCC handicap requirements, berthed on Great South Bay or nearby waters (from E. Rockaway to Shinnecock) If you cannot answer Yes to the above question your Boat may not qualify you for Regular Membership, but you will likely qualify for Associate Membership. If so, please use the Associate Membership form
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