Club Parties

Club Parties

Our Terms and Conditions are here   It is assumed that you accept these term if you proceed to the payment screen.

Due to Covid-19 one must used our credit card system  or mail a check to Hospitality for the party. Funds will NOT be collected at the door.There is a Credit card fee added to your payment for this party to cover our processing cost.

If you wish to pay by check Please mail your check to the Chair below. Use the RSVP form at the bottom to let us know that you are mailing in the check and are coming to the party.


Hospitality Chair
Susan Moran
451 Potter Boulevard
Brightwaters, NY 11718
Commissioning day
Joe Werkmeister
5 Apple Lane
Medford, NY 11763


Party Donations are Based on the following.
     Adults. A child 16 and over is considered an adult.
     Child.  Under the age of 16.
Please select your items and select the Number Attending.

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Next Party:  Commissioning Day   May 30

*Club_Party Donation (Adult)
*Club_Party Donation (Adult)
The donation shown is PER ADULT PERSON. Please enter the number of adult persons you are donating for. A child 16 and Over is considered an adult. This item is paid up front with PayPal processing. Any credit card may be used.
Select Party :
*Club_Party Donation (Child) Under the Age 16
*Club_Party Donation (Child) Under the Age 16
Children Please enter the number of (Children) attending. This item is paid up front with PayPal processing. Any credit card may be used.
Selest Party :


If mailing in a check use the rsvp form below.

RSVP to Hospitality Chair for the selected party selected below. Please note that children 16 years and older are considered Adults.
Enter the number of Adults attending.
Enter Number of Children. Not Valid for Holiday Party